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Purpose Statement

The purpose of Intelligent Black Man Clothing is to encourage Black men to strive to be the best version of themselves. Our aim is for Black men to constantly improve physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and intellectually. By doing so, they will become more complete men, and acquire skills that make them an essential asset to the Black community and society at large.

What is an

Intelligent Black Man?

We often associate the words “intelligent” and “intelligence” with people who possess sufficient intellectual powers or those who are academically gifted. While this is certainly an imperative piece of being an Intelligent Black Man, it’s not the complete picture.


We view an Intelligent Black Man as an individual who is on a mission to fulfill his purpose after discovering it. A man who is not afraid to take risks to follow his dreams and work to achieve his most sought-after goals. A man who is guided by his intuition and thinks for himself rather than being heavily influenced by others or conforming to societal pressures. A man who is committed to working diligently to be a valuable resource for himself, his family and his community.

Message from

the Founder

The idea of Intelligent Black Man Clothing first came to me while I was in the middle of running in July 2020. As soon as I completed my run, I quickly stored the concept in my phone so it wouldn’t escape me. Over the next few days, as I sat more and more on the idea, I knew it just felt right, and knew that the idea was gifted to me for a reason. From that day forward, I began building, designing and creating what is now Intelligent Black Man Clothing.


I’ve had a passion for men’s personal development specifically, and Black men’s personal development in particular, for some time now. As a Black man, I know what we’re capable of and the greatness that is harbored within us. When we focus our minds, put in the work and make a concerted effort to be a better man, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. And by having this mindset, we become more beneficial to ourselves and everyone around us.


I want Black men who wear Intelligent Black Man Clothing apparel to be committed to personal growth by striving to improve in the six areas of life laid out in our purpose statement. I don't want this to simply be another clothing brand, I want it to start a movement. Men who wear our products should set an example through their words and actions that inspire other men to go after their greatest goals and aspirations, all while developing into the most complete version of themselves. The journey certainly won’t be easy, but it’ll definitely be worth it.


From one Intelligent Black Man to another, thank you for your support.


Kevon J. DuPree

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